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Valentine’s Day Postcards

I prepared along time ago this post for valentine’s day, as I’ve been really busy lately I totally forgot that I had made this post and saved it in drafts. I know it’s really late for a post for valentine’s day but well, here it is.

My favourite secret postcards for valentine’s day…

How can you not love it? Enter for more secret postcards! 🙂


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if i could have this…

a time turner, like the one prof McGonagall gave hermione on her first year at hogwarts…

Time Turner at WB shop

Time Turner

buy it! here–>

it’s $54.95 but it’s totally worth it 🙂

i’m becoming mad for all the harry potter replicas!

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want, want, want this! it looks so awesome!!! and I also want the ipod 🙂

can you guess it's an ipod with a watchband?

cooooooooooooooooooooooooooool! right?


and there's many colours!

(there’s also pink, but i hate pink!)

-here’s the ipod!

you can buy the watchband here and the ipod nano here

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