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This Tax Day, Make THEM Pay …a letter about April 18th from Michael Moore

and another one, the last one…for now 😉

Michael Moore to me

This Tax Day, Make THEM Pay …a letter about April 18th from Michael Moore

Friday, April 15th, 2011


Do you wonder (like I do) what the tax accountants and executives are doing over at GE this weekend? Frantically rushing to fill out their IRS returns like the rest of us?

Hardly. They’re taking the weekend off to throw themselves a big party and have a hearty laugh at all of us. It must really crack them up to see us like suckers scurrying around to make sure we report everything to Uncle Sam — and even send him a check, if necessary.

The joke’s on us, folks. GE and tons of other corporations will have a tax bill for 2010 of ZERO. GE had $14.2 billion in profits in 2010. Yet they will contribute NOTHING to the federal government while every last dime is soaked from us.

In the latest budget deal, our politicians could have tackled the deficit by stopping the flow of these ill-gotten billions to corporations. Instead they cut billions from “wasteful” programs that do “wasteful” things, like create new jobs, drive economic growth, and help the needy and our nation’s children. It’s Democracy in reverse and it sickens me.

GE spends $20 million a year to lobby Congress to throw themselves this party. But do you know what speaks louder than $20 million? 20 million votes! 20 million people, and more, standing together and taking to the streets. That starts now, with you.

This coming Monday, April 18th is Tax Day — and that’s the day when “we the people” will demand our country back from these corporations in events all across the country. You can find the nearest event to you here.

MoveOn members — along with union, community, and environmental allies — will gather outside the headquarters and local offices of the biggest corporate tax dodgers to deliver tax bills from the American people. And we’ll demand that our leaders make these corporate deadbeats pay.

We’re doing this because we don’t buy into the Big Lie: that greedy teachers caused the crash on Wall Street! That the selfish firefighters sent millions of jobs overseas! That pregnant woman, infants, and children are sending us into deficit!

No, it was the big corporations that did this. It was the CEOs and the top 1% of the country. THEY brought on the mortgage crisis. THEY made off with trillions of dollars from our economy. THEY are systematically destroying the middle class. And THEY have bought and sold the very people elected to represent us!

On Monday, we will have something to say to Exxon, Chevron, and the big banks that crashed our economy and got billions in bailouts, like Citigroup and Bank of America, who pay little or no federal income tax. In fact, the IRS will likely give them a tax REBATE. If that doesn’t boggle your mind then nothing will.

The Tax Day events are about sending this message: We are coming after you, we are stopping you and we are going to return the money, jobs, and homes you stole from the people. This is your tipping point, Corporate America. And I, for one, am glad it’s going to happen this Monday.

If you’ve never been to an event like this before, this is the time. And don’t go alone, because none of us can win this fight by ourselves. Plus, it’s more fun and exciting to go along with friends and family to be part of real democracy in action — not the store-bought kind Big Business gets on Capitol Hill.

I really hope you can make it. This is our chance, my friends. Take the time on Monday to make your voice heard. I can guarantee you I will. Please join me.

Michael Moore

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Capitalism A Love Story (Michael Moore's latest movie)

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Mouseland: Tierra de Ratones

-very interesting video our “Estudios Sociales” teacher recommended us. “Estudios Sociales”= Social Studies

-video muy interesante recomendado por nuestro profesor de Estudios Sociales.

this is our teachers blog/este es el blog de nuestro profesor:

hope you enjoyed it!!!

espero que lo hayas disfrutado!!!

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Obama talking “Health Care” and Republicans+25 funniest lies of conservapedia

click in this link to view the video!

and now a list ok Conservapedia funniest mistakes (by Liberapedia)

1. All kangaroos are descended from a single pair who were on Noah’s Ark.
2. Gravity is an unproven theory.
3. Einstein’s General Relativity “has nothing to do with physics”.
4. Only followers of Christianity are capable of religious faith.
5. Atheists are incapable of being moral.
6. Jews are “touchy” about the Holocaust.
7. Some of the most violent homicides seen by pathologists are among male homosexuals.
8. The Beach Boys are an example of heavy metal.
9. There were dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark.
10. The Earth is the center of the universe
11. Rock music causes riots.
12. McCarthyism was good.
13. Ann Coulter is hot and spicy.
14. Belief in the Theory of Relativity leads to a belief in moral relativity (a bad thing).
15. Dinosaurs are “generally believed” to be extinct.
16. “God exercises eternal and righteous judgment of the wicked in hell.”
17. Homosexuality can cause bad smoking habits.
18. Barack Hussein Obama is both a Communist, an Atheist and a Muslim.
19. HUSSEIN Obama has not provided a birth certificate. (It’s Hussein now. Edit and you will be removed!)
20. Osama Bin Laden is an Iraqi
21. No one who believes that the Christian God has ever killed anyone.
22. Hitler was “an evolutionary racist”
23. In the commandments, it explicitly forbids using BCE and CE, it wants to use BC and AD.
24. It is impossible for Conservative Christians be bigoted.
25. JFK was a conservative.

Thank you for your time!

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you can be my yoko ono!

just a silly video…

Since I'm Sheldon Cooper You Will Be My C-MEN


BAZZINGA!….and thank you for your time!!! 😀


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awww how sweet! no more war!!!

interuptus via post secret

interuptus via post secret

read more secrets every sunday at

thank you! 😀

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sarkozy and the RISE OF THE HARD RIGHT

president of france nicolas sarkozy has been called neo-nazi by a german party and viviane reding from Luxembourg, i totally agree with them. this guy is just, he is so racist and only care’s about the people with lot’s of money! i hope the headlines of today’s newsweek edition will be wrong

sarkozy in the cover page of 4th October newsweek edition

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Another Way to Die by Disturbed

new video by disturbed… i think is awesome and the lyrics are just great!

thank you for watching! 🙂

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