Obama talking “Health Care” and Republicans+25 funniest lies of conservapedia

click in this link to view the video!

and now a list ok Conservapedia funniest mistakes (by Liberapedia)

1. All kangaroos are descended from a single pair who were on Noah’s Ark.
2. Gravity is an unproven theory.
3. Einstein’s General Relativity “has nothing to do with physics”.
4. Only followers of Christianity are capable of religious faith.
5. Atheists are incapable of being moral.
6. Jews are “touchy” about the Holocaust.
7. Some of the most violent homicides seen by pathologists are among male homosexuals.
8. The Beach Boys are an example of heavy metal.
9. There were dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark.
10. The Earth is the center of the universe
11. Rock music causes riots.
12. McCarthyism was good.
13. Ann Coulter is hot and spicy.
14. Belief in the Theory of Relativity leads to a belief in moral relativity (a bad thing).
15. Dinosaurs are “generally believed” to be extinct.
16. “God exercises eternal and righteous judgment of the wicked in hell.”
17. Homosexuality can cause bad smoking habits.
18. Barack Hussein Obama is both a Communist, an Atheist and a Muslim.
19. HUSSEIN Obama has not provided a birth certificate. (It’s Hussein now. Edit and you will be removed!)
20. Osama Bin Laden is an Iraqi
21. No one who believes that the Christian God has ever killed anyone.
22. Hitler was “an evolutionary racist”
23. In the commandments, it explicitly forbids using BCE and CE, it wants to use BC and AD.
24. It is impossible for Conservative Christians be bigoted.
25. JFK was a conservative.

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